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Washington state’s work in early learning during the last decade has been an incredible story, defined by its success building high-quality systems of child care and preschool and its emergence as a national leader in early education. I have been lucky to cover this story for Thrive Washington, the breakthroughs in research and practices, impressive[…..]

Parent engagement is vital to a child’s early development, and Washington parents are doing a relatively good job, with a majority of moms and dads reading and singing to their kids, a new report says.   In our state, roughly two-thirds of parents (67 percent) with kids age 5 and younger tell stories and sing[…..]

Good preschools are important, but preschools aligned with the first four grades of elementary school can be even more powerful because a PreK-3rd system can give students a strong start and foundation for success. Today, both Seattle and San Francisco are building these foundations.   As the city of Seattle prepares to launch its pilot preschool program[…..]

  Federal policymakers are divided, but in U.S. states there is bipartisan support for investing in pre-kindergarten, where pre-k spending has risen for the second consecutive fiscal year, according to a new report.   States boosted state spending on pre-k by $672 million in fiscal 2014-15, building on a 6.9 percent increase the year before,[…..]

  One of the things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving is the growing coverage of early education that is extending deep into mainstream media. Over the last week, there have been thoughtful features on universal preschool, an in-depth report about low pay for childcare workers, and even a story on academic research.   After[…..]

  Once again Americans are saying they want the federal government to expand pre-kindergarten, with 70 percent supporting greater federal funding to ensure all children have access to a good pre-k classroom, a new Gallup poll found.   This is the second poll in the last two months that shows voters want improved access to[…..]

  On Saturday, longtime Thrive by Five Washington board member Jackie Bezos launched a movement to build an early learning nation by 2025, and quickly won the support of leaders who will help drive the effort: U.S. mayors.   At their annual meeting in Dallas, Texas, mayors unanimously endorsed a resolution supporting the community-led Early[…..]

  Universal preschool has become one of the popular topics in the national discussion about early learning, and Seattle is now one of the cities that may actually turn that talk into a reality.   During the last year, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has been developing a plan to dramatically expand voluntary preschool for the[…..]

  We spend a lot of time analyzing the emerging world of high-quality early education, but this world isn’t springing from thin air. It is important to review past work that is fueling new ideas about what child care and pre-kindergarten can be.   Over the past week, two stories did that by exploring different[…..]

  In South Seattle, one public school is quietly showing the power of connecting early learning and traditional elementary school with a preK-3rd system.   At South Shore K-8 School, pre-kindergarten in an integral part of the philosophy and building. In the school’s early education wing, preK classrooms run down one side and kindergarten classes[…..]