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How universal will universal preschool be? This month, the Education Department released a vision of inclusive early education, as a draft policy statement, which spells out the importance of including children with disabilities in early learning — and recommends ways to go about it. The vision raises important questions for the growing number of universal[…..]

  We know investments in early education save money later, and a study released this week shows how much this money can lower one of public education’s highest costs: special education.   Researchers at Duke University found the combined impact of two model early education programs cut the likelihood that students would be in special[…..]

  Toddlers may throw their food, but they are more emotionally mature than we may think. They recognize and adapt to people who are upset and angry, signs they are already developing social-emotional skills they will need later in school, a new study from the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS) suggests.   In[…..]

  Washington state will once again be in the middle of the P-3 movement later this month at the fifth annual National P-3 Institute, with three of the state’s schools districts joining teams at the four-day meeting.   This year the P-3 symposium will be held at the University of Washington. Educators will travel there[…..]

  Toddlers can do math — basic probability and other concepts — and this discovery could lead to new ways of teaching mathematics in early learning classrooms and beyond, a new study suggests.   The Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences (I-LABS) research showed that toddlers could figure out one strategy was more effective than[…..]

  One of the biggest education stories you may not be hearing about is happening in Seattle’s backyard, and one of its main plotlines revolves around early education.   In South Seattle and its neighboring suburbs, the Road Map Project is creating a comprehensive, and ambitious, plan to double college and career-ready rates by 2020[…..]

  How you talk to your baby may be more important than how often.   A new study from the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS) found one-on-one exchanges between parents and their infant in baby talk, or parentese, fuel early language development.   Researchers learned that children who conversed directly in the most[…..]

  As policymakers work on President Barack Obama’s universal preschool plan they should look to special education for lessons on how.   This was a message Education Secretary Arne Duncan delivered this summer, suggesting that decades-long efforts to create inclusive preschools under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act could help Congress and the White House[…..]

  The Road Map Project officially kicks off a preK-3rd strategy for seven school districts tomorrow at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the latest early learning initiatives in Washington state funded by the federal Race to the Top.   The award-winning coalition of school districts and community groups in South King County[…..]

  A breakthrough in autism research holds both the potential for earlier diagnosis of the disorder and a better understanding of the important role social interactions play in early childhood development.   The new study from the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS) found brain activity among toddlers with autism can[…..]