Washington is on track for a strong finish in its Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge, hitting goals in quality improvement, professional development and kindergarten readiness. But without fresh investments, the state could stumble when the $60 million grant runs out next year, a new report suggests.   After three years of[…..]

  Voters will decide control of the U.S. Senate, the fate of competing Seattle preschool plans and a slate of other important issues in two weeks, and new polls suggest they also will support early learning in key states.   In the latest sign that early education investment is a bipartisan issue, a majority of Republican[…..]

  Washington’s bid for a federal Preschool Development Grant is shaping up to be more than a request for funding. It will be a bid to transform public preschool across the state.   In its application, Washington will lay out its vision of a coordinated and voluntary preschool system that encompasses a wide range of[…..]

  When students arrive for the first day of kindergarten, too often it’s like they are getting onto a moving train a few stops too late.   They should have jumped on the train in pre-kindergarten, if not at birth, and traveled on an integrated track to kindergarten.   Today, the New America Foundation laid[…..]

  It’s been two years since President Barack Obama proposed his sweeping early education plan and it remains stuck in the congressional swamp, nowhere near his desk.   Instead, states and cities continue to lead the way on early learning reforms. New York City, for example, has launched an ambitious universal preschool program, and Seattle[…..]

  In the debates over education reform in recent years, policymakers and educators revamped and expanded early learning in states around the nation. But, how do we know if those statewide reforms are working?   A new report suggests we need a clearer picture of schools — in particular a new way of measuring statewide[…..]

  Washington state is halfway through its federal Race to the Top work, and it’s on pace to finish strong, even after hitting a few bumps.   When Washington won its $60 million federal Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge grant two years ago it set ambitious goals for its quality rating and[…..]

  President Barack Obama grabbed headlines recently for his renewed push to build a better early education system. But the president is just trying to catch up with states, where work has been gathering momentum for years.   Since the president’s latest push in his State of the Union address, a set of writers have[…..]

Washington has big plans for the fourth year of its 10-year Early Learning Plan, ranging from expanding home visiting and preK-3rd work to focusing on prenatal and early childhood nutrition.   Since 2011, the Washington Early Learning Partnership — made up of the Department of Early Learning, Thrive by Five Washington and the Office of[…..]

  Washington won its Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge grant two years ago and a couple of new updates show the state is making progress in key areas.   The state’s winning application largely focused on work in three strategies: its quality rating and improvement system, Early Achievers a kindergarten transition system,[…..]