REPORT — Statewide Quality Pre-K & Classroom Expansion: Access Gaps & Scenarios Analysis

Thrive Washington and 3SI recently worked together to develop a data report on the slots and classroom space needed to expand the state’s Early Childhood and Education Assistance Program (ECEAP) and federally funded Head Start (HS).


Key report headlines:

  • Supply and demand for ECEAP services exists statewide, generally matching overall population density
  • A gap exists between supply and demand in districts across the state, and these gaps are disproportionately larger for some school districts/regions
  • The number of classrooms needed to close the gap varies greatly by expansion scenario chosen

This report also helps explain the Department of Early Learning’s methodology for determining expansion, as laid out in DEL’s March ECEAP and Head Start Saturation Study.

For questions about the report, please contact Thrive CEO Alan Cohen at 206.621.5568.