Early Learning Regional Coalitions

Thrive is committed to helping organizations and communities connect their efforts with the Early Learning Plan, strengthen partnerships, build capacity and reach more children and families.


Early Learning Regional Coalitions

For the past several years, Thrive has helped fund and support the state’s 10 Early Learning Regional Coalitions (ELRC) with its Community Momentum granting strategy. The regions are key players with the implementation and ultimate success of the Early Learning Plan, and in implementing the Racial Equity Theory of Change (RETOC). A strong regional infrastructure for implementing the ELP will ensure that statewide and local organizations work together, tap into each other’s wisdom, have the capacity to understand the changing demographics and needs of children and families, and set strategy to take action collectively so that ALL children have a greater opportunity to be successful in school and in life, particularly those furthest from opportunity.

In addition to grants, Thrive provides regular individual and group support to help the regions lead their community’s early learning work.

ELRC Objectives

To align and guide this work, Thrive — in partnership with regions — have developed goals and objectives that will help drive a coordinated community momentum strategy, or common agenda.

  • Early Learning Regional Coalitions have an established governance structure and the necessary partnerships to coordinate the early learning system in their regions
  • Early Learning Regional Coalitions function effectively and consistently across regions by utilizing data to drive decision making, influencing implementation of the Early Learning Plan based on regional needs, and aligning regional efforts to statewide priorities
  • Early Learning Regional Coalitions are effective platforms for outreach and/or implementation of regional components of WaKIDS, Home Visiting, Early Achievers, and “Love. Talk. Play.”
  • Early Learning Regional Coalitions are building public awareness of the importance of and increased investment in early learning by connecting to a variety of stakeholders such as parents, local legislators, and business leaders


Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (WaKIDS)

The coalitions play an important role in the Early Learning Collaboration component of WaKIDS. By strengthening connections between early learning and the K-12 system we can ensure children transition seamlessly into kindergarten. Early Learning Regional Coalitions are building awareness with parents and early learning providers in understanding what “kindergarten readiness” means, they have contributed to the development of a statewide kindergarten transition form, and they are honing in on building math skills for children before they enter the K-12 system. Early Learning Regional Coalitions will ultimately use WaKIDS data to create action plans designed to put all children on the path to kindergarten readiness.

Home Visiting and “Love. Talk. Play.”

Coalition work aligns with Thrive’s other initiatives in home visiting and parent engagement by integrating home visiting awareness and advocacy, as well as the “Love. Talk. Play.” parent campaign, into their efforts.


Early Learning Regions on the Map

The regional coalition lines are closely aligned with the Educational Service District boundaries in Washington state.



Click here to download a copy of this map and additional information about the early learning regions supported by Thrive Washington.

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