How Thrive helps build a high-quality early learning system

Early learning happens everywhere and is shaped by everyone who comes in contact with a child. We all play a role.

To make sure EVERY child gets a great start in life and school, Thrive is building community-wide commitment to deliver a comprehensive and responsive high-quality early learning environment that benefits every child and family in our state.

Our role

Our state’s early learning system is in development. We have made great progress since releasing the state’s Early Learning Plan in 2010. We are considered national leaders in the way we think, invest and work together in early learning. But we have work to do to make sure programs and services are well-connected and meet the needs of all families, especially those furthest from opportunity. Too many children from marginalized communities and families of color do not have access to high-quality early learning opportunities and resources.

Thrive Washington brings all different kinds of people together to talk, think and act in ways they haven’t before, so that we change the way we all support children and families. We advocate for community voices to be heard and create the spaces to make that happen. We push for racial equity to be a driver in programs, policies and practices. And we give local programs the support they need to strengthen their networks and serve more families with quality.

Our approach

Thrive brings together parents, community members, regional stakeholders and state-level decision-makers to find common ground, identify families’ needs and inform decision-makers. We do this work by building the capacity of our local early learning infrastructure and focusing on key statewide partnerships.

Community Momentum programs and initiatives

  • First Peoples, First Steps Alliance: Thrive convenes and partners with this statewide coalition of tribal stakeholders and representatives to advance specific policies and programs.
  • Early Learning Public Library Partnership: Thrive connects member libraries and library systems to the early learning system by representing libraries’ voices and interests as well as connecting libraries to early learning partners at the local level.
  • Early Learning Regional Coalitions: Thrive funds, convenes and offers support to the state’s 10 early learning regional coalitions. These self-governing coalitions build their own programs and initiatives as well as pilot and contribute to statewide efforts, such as WaKIDS and Home Visiting.
  • Early learning policy: Thrive advocates for a locally guided legislative and administrative policy agenda, and it connects its grantees and partners (such as Early Learning Regional Coalitions) to opportunities to influence the development of the statewide early learning system.
  • Community-driven implementation: Thrive convenes community outreach efforts involving system partners and providers at the local level to expand access to quality programs.