Policy and advocacy to build a strong, responsive early learning system

Thrive’s Policy Framework and Approach
Thrive is working to build and support a strong early learning system at the state, regional and local levels. We do this in large part to ensure that local communities play a significant role in developing policy and building a statewide system that is responsive to community needs.


Policy Values

Leadership. Thrive acts as a trusted convener and consensus-builder, bringing different voices together to strengthen our early learning system.

Partnership. Thrive works closely with state and local partners, honoring the vast amount of work that has already gone into building the system, and working collaboratively to continue that work.

Engagement. Thrive brings local and regional voices to the table in the policy-making process to ensure that state leaders and elected officials are aware of local opportunities, strengths, and challenges, and facilitates conversations between state and regional leaders.

Racial Equity. Thrive champions and advocates for policies that serve those furthest from opportunity. We use a racial equity lens to determine our policy positions.

Quality. Thrive focuses on policies that will increase quality across the early learning system and support providers to achieve higher levels of quality.


Policy Framework

Thrive’s policy framework identifies the long-term, high-level priorities and issues we seek to advance through our advocacy work. These priorities, listed below, will guide us in choosing which specific pieces of legislation and administrative regulations we support and champion.

policy framework