Community of Practice for Racial Equity

You can make a difference in advancing racial equity. The following is an offering that might help you put the work into practice.

  • Be curious about your community and work to understand your role in it
  • Slow down to create space for conversation
  • Ask powerful questions that generate curiosity and invite creativity
  • Think about who is not at the table and how to get them there … or how to be invited to their table
  • Consider different partners for your work
  • Reflect back what you’ve heard and communicate how you will respond

Here is a one-page summary of the Community of Practice that you can reference and share with others.

Tools and Resources

Articles and Publications

Choosing the Wrong Drivers for Whole System Reform by Michael Fullan
Excerpt (Word) | Full article (PDF)

Why Racial Equity? (PDF)
Adapted from and inspired by “Toward a Structural Racism Framework” by Andrew Grant-Thomas and john a. powell

Talking About Race resource notebook (PDF)
This document from the Kirwan Institute at Ohio State University addresses many topics, including framing a discussion about race and how to engage in effectve interracial dialogue on race.

Race Matters (web)
This toolkit from the Annie E. Casey Foundation is designed for decision-makers, advocates and officials. It presents a specific point of view on addressing unequal opportunities.

National Voices Project (PDF)
This effort, which brings the perspectives of thousands of people to the national dialogue about opportunities and barriers for children, conducts major national surveys.


Conversation Starters


Advancing-Racial-Equity-in-Early-Learning Advancing
Racial Equity
in Early Learning

June 2013
ARE-Grants-Committee Advancing Racial Equity in Early Learning Grants Committee
April 2013
Creating-A-Racial-Equity-Theory-of-Change Creating
a Racial Equity
Theory of

April 2013
Facilitation-Resources-and-Tools Facilitation Resources and Tools from the National Equity Project
March 2013
Introducing-RETOC-process Racial Equity
Theory of
to New

July 2012
Community of Practice Community of Practice convening August 2013
Community of Practice Community of Practice convening October 2013 Community of Practice convening December 2013

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